Opening “Wanna Read?” Room Pediatric Ward – Al Ain Hospital

Opening “Wanna Read?” Room Pediatric Ward – Al Ain Hospital

ABU DHABI // Children being treated at Al Ain Hospital’s cancer centre received a special visit from well-wishers from UAE University’s College of Education as part of Al Ain Reads Book Show.

The children listened as their visitors read stories to them, in an effort to bring the event to those who cannot attend.

Dr Najwa Al Hossani, the assistant dean of student and alumni affairs at UAE University, who proposed the initiative, said: “We came up with this new and different idea for a humanitarian initiative for this book show.

“We decided to have some of our female students visit children suffering from cancer at Tawam Hospital, where they could read them age-appropriate stories.

“These children require special care and attention and they can’t leave the hospital to visit the book show and buy books.

“We are here today with our students because we understand their circumstances and we want to try to bring the book show to them in an attempt to ease their pain and bring some gaiety into their lives.

“We want them to feel that the community doesn’t forget them. It is a humanitarian and a cultural initiative.

The university, Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and Tawam Hospital worked together on the initiative. It was organised by the creativity corner at Al Ain Reads, a joint initiative between the College of Education at UAEU and TCA Abu Dhabi.

Sumaya Issa Al Harassi, the director of marketing and administrative communication at Tawam Hospital, said that this type of project was important for cancer patients, especially children.

Initiatives such as this one, she said, bring joy to the children and give them a sense of belonging to the community.

“For this reason, the hospital immediately welcomed Dr Najwa Al Hossani’s initiative,” she said.

The student volunteers also said they were delighted to be part of the initiative.

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